• slider_01.jpgCoconut stock
  • slider_02.jpgCoconut fiber
  • slider_03.jpgCocopeat
  • slider_04.jpgOld coconut
  • slider_05.jpgCoconut Charcoal
  • slider_06.jpgCocopeat for export process
  • slider_07.jpgCocopeat for export process
  • slider_08.jpgCoconut fiber for export process
  • slider_09.jpgCoconut fiber for export process

Our company began its expansion in the field of Coconut Fiber since 2008 in Banten, West Java, Indonesia.

Our products are:

  1. Coconut Fiber
  2. Cocopeat
  3. Old Coconut
  4. Coconut Charcoal

Until now, we have received and serve many orders from local companies in Indonesia and international companies.